There’s no doubt that painting can add a lot of appeal and value to your property. Interior and exterior painting transform the look of any multi-family property, commercial property, and HOA, and give people more of a reason to be part of your community. When they see buildings that have been revitalized thanks to a decent painting job, you will benefit from the results.

With this in mind, is it the best idea to go with a local Atlanta painting contractor for the job? There are several reasons why you should go with one instead of trying alternative methods. In this post, our painting professionals go over the top five reasons why you should find a qualified painting contractor near your area who can help. The type of painting contractor you need will be reliable and committed to offering long-lasting solutions.

1. Guaranteed to Provide Quality Results

One of the greatest advantages in going with a local Atlanta painting contractor is you’re getting lots of transparency and open communication. The painting contractor will take more time to evaluate the state of your property and already have a deep knowledge and understanding of how long the job will take. They can point to numerous examples of past projects completed and show you how they made a difference for other large-scale properties.

2. Reduce Your Level of Burden

Once you bring in professional painting contractors to help, you’re not going to suffer from so much of the blame when the condition of the interior or exterior isn’t up to scratch. Professional painters can take it from here and see what needs to be done to revitalize the look of your property without the trouble and mess. This isn’t a job that can be completed in only a day. Professional painting contractors may take a few weeks depending on how extensive the job is.

3. You Can Get Better Recommendations

A good painting contractor can give you tons of recommendations on the best paint and materials to use. They will have your best interest in making sure the job they complete lasts a long time. You want to always make the best impression for anyone who’s going to reside on your property. Getting a qualified painting contractor can also give you better access to the best paint jobs in the industry.

4. You’ll Get an Accurate Assessment on How Long the Project Will Take

One of the benefits with trusting a painting contractor comes with the excellent assessment they can provide. For example, at P3, we have a whole team of project managers that have been instrumental in completing thousands of painting jobs in the last several years. From their experience and our painting professionals, we’re able to provide our customers with a realistic projection of how long a project will take and how much it will cost without any unreasonable expectations. You will know exactly what you’re going to get and what will be done to ensure that your next painting job turns out amazing.

5. A Quality Interior and Exterior Paint Job Saves You Money

When you go with a professional painting contracting company, you’re trusting people who have the tools and technical ability to make sure the project is completed right the first time. It takes a lot of planning to provide the best execution on any interior or exterior painting project. Sometimes, there are painting projects with expenses you might have otherwise overlooked. A good painting contractor will use only the best tools and find solutions to mitigating these expenses ahead of time. Clean-up costs are also a major factor in how much a painting project will be, but a painting contractor can even make this part a lot less of a hit to your budget.


When it comes to keeping your commercial or multi-family property in peak condition, you can’t skip out on having a professional painting contractor work with you. At P3, we’re strongly committed to providing property owners with the right resources and tools to offer an unrivaled experience. Our project managers and painting professionals are here to make a difference unimaginable from any other Atlanta painting contractor in the area. Please give us a call at 770-271-6868 and request a bid today!