Pressure Washing in Atlanta

Pressure washing is one of the most critical steps we take before undergoing any large interior or exterior painting project. Removing dirt, grime, and graffiti from surfaces makes our painting jobs much easier, allowing us to perform at our best.

Expert Pressure Washing Professionals in Metro Atlanta

Are you looking for a professional pressure washing contractor in Metro Atlanta who can perform and produce excellent work in a short time? At P3, our professionals excel at using proper pressure washing techniques and tools to create amazing results for multi-family communities, commercial properties, and HOA communities. We follow stringent protocols to ensure your property is well-protected throughout the project and that all surfaces are properly prepped and repaired before the painting starts.

We complete pressure washing projects for townhomes, apartments, office buildings, and more. Our project managers and technicians have hundreds of hours of experience in the general contracting process, making P3 your ideal pressure washing contractor in Atlanta.

Property managed Pressure Washing Areas

We take great care in our prep work for property managed communities and commercial properties. We’re capable of performing a thorough job on:

















There are even more surfaces we do. Whatever the surface may be, we’ll be there to provide professionalism and quality with our work. To learn more about our pressure washing services, please call us at (770) 271-6868.

Why P3?

P3 Painting & Renovations delivers an experience you won’t often get with other general contractors. Our philosophy is centered around hiring the best people in the industry, focusing on the people we work for, and delivering services to their satisfaction. We keep all our clients updated on the progress of our general contracting work. We have:


Dedicated project managers

Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, our project managers will update you twice a week on the progress of the project and maintain full communication with stakeholders.


Extensive experience

With over 200 years of combined general contracting experience, our team at P3 is prepared to bring your ideas to life. They will work quickly to complete each project on time.


High-Tech Equipment

We take great care to protect your landscaping by using efficient high-tech equipment to help us decrease the pressure required to prep painting surfaces.


Customer service

Relationships are integral to our ability to provide professional, outstanding customer service. When you choose P3 for your project, you’ll receive unrivaled care and attention, and we’ll listen to all your general contracting needs.

Property managed and commercial pressure washing services

With our combined years of experience in all aspects of general contracting, P3 addresses all kinds of pressure washing needs for property managed communities, commercial properties, and HOAs. We’re knowledgeable in pressure washing, parking lot sweeping, equipment cleaning, graffiti removal, and driveway power washing. We have custom pressure washing solutions for multi-family properties. Property managers can depend on us for:

Roof Cleaning

We use safe, environmentally friendly pressure washing cleaners to remove mold and fungus stains from apartment and townhome roofs, increasing residential property curb appeal.

Concrete Cleaning

We remove the toughest grease stains and grime from concrete and provide pressure washing for driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Building Washing

Our commercial pressure washing services benefit apartment complexes, townhomes, retirement communities, and duplexes. We follow the highest standards and use safe pressure washing techniques that won’t damage your property.

Pressure Washing Advantages

With P3, you get more value and savings from local Atlanta pressure washing services. You’ll find that we are:


We don’t skip any steps in our process and are relentless in getting the job done as quickly as possible. We guarantee problem-free pressure washing solutions and excellent customer service.


Our professionals get the job done much faster without any worries. We’re proud of the results we’ve produced for hundreds of customers over the years.


With proper planning and execution by our project managers, we’re able to quickly complete pressure washing jobs without any sacrifice to the quality or craftsmanship of our work.

More Value

We’re skilled at communication and following through on all our pressure washing jobs for property managed communities and buildings. We’re passionate and always excited to work hard to satisfy you.

Community Customer Reviews

Need more reasons to choose P3? We’ve become a favorite contractor for many communities, and soon, we’ll be yours too!

  • "I have done a couple of projects with them so far and they have spot on with their customer service!! They also did a great job and completed the projects on time!!"

    C. Elllerbee

  • "Worked with them on a large scale painting project in Smyrna, GA...very professional from start to finish! Looking forward to working with them in the future!"

    C. Edwards

  • "I am a huge fan of P3 Painting ,and the quality of work that they provide. The crews are always dressed professionally when they are on a job, and if a problem arises they handle it on the spot . This type of service goes a long way with my communities."

    K. Wright

  • "I want to commend the gentlemen working on the above project. I can not speak on whole project, but in my building, I have had some dealing with Joe, and he and others have done an outstanding job, and the painting looks really nice. They have been very considerate of the residences as they are doing their job. Hats off to them!"

    K. Vickery

  • "P3 has completed several projects for a handful of my communities this year. They did a fantastic job all around."

    J. Tierney

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