Remodeling an HOA property or any commercial property for that matter should be one of the biggest priorities for any homeowners association. Timely, periodic renovations keep the community much more satisfied and compelled to stay for years at a time. It can be a lot of investment up front, but the long-term results make HOA property renovations worth it for these reasons alone.

Treat your HOA property just like any business. You probably know there are times throughout the year where you can expect an increase in tenants. There’s also the issue of meeting local and state regulatory standards as applied to your properties. Getting timely renovations keeps your structures sound and safe too, so remodeling isn’t only about keeping residents happy but taking compliance extremely seriously also.

With all these benefits, it’s difficult to go wrong with a larger remodeling project for these properties, but when is it the best time to remodel one and why? In this article, we answer these questions in the hopes you’ll make the best decisions for your property managed community.

Seasons Make a Difference in HOA Projects and Renovation Costs

The majority of Americans tend to relocate during the spring and summer months from May to as late as September (U.S. News). This is considered the peak season for homeowners, though many others will consider relocating to property managed communities like yours. To prepare for a greater influx of these residents, you have to prepare and fix up any problems existing in your properties.

Remodeling during the fall and spring is, therefore, the ideal time for you to find someone to help with any larger scale projects. We especially recommend the fall because there will be a bit more time to focus on getting the projects done promptly, which could take at least several weeks with a competent project manager at the helm.

What Kind of Remodeling Projects are Suited for Each Season?

There is a wider window in the Fall to begin working on these remodeling projects, but there are others where it might be best to consider hiring someone in the Spring or Summer months too. In Spring, the focus might be more on remodeling the deck and patios of your properties. That’s when people are ready to take on more ambitious projects. It’s also a time where there’s going to be fierce competition between the local general contractors in your area. Prepare in advance if you must have some projects completed during this time because it’s likely the costs will be higher considering the time and materials involved.

There will be much more scarcity in the market, so keep that in mind. Of course, if you see any problems no matter what month or season it is, it’s advised you speak to a professional general contractor immediately and get these problems addressed before they grow far worse.

Looking to have more indoor projects completed instead? There’s also an optimal time of year to have a general contractor come in and help. It could take several months to have kitchen remodeling projects done for property managed communities. During the holidays, it’s expected for a lot of the materials required for a successful bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects will be much cheaper across the board.

The caveat, however, is that it might require a lot more time to complete the projects since the holiday season is usually a busy one for general contractors. The weather is colder, and general contractors for HOA properties are going to provide better deals for you to take advantage of. January is the best time of the year to look into having these indoor projects worked out by experienced general contractors who understand how to build for HOAs, property managed communities, and other properties where you have a concentration of residents.

How to Take Advantage of the Best General Contracting Deals

To recap, you should seek out the help of a professional general contractor for your HOA projects depending on the time year and what the project will be about. You know how to get the right contractors working with you at the most appropriate times.

Now, you should also consider doing a bit of pre-planning, so you’re not in a rush to have someone start a massive project right away when you have lots of people looking to move in. Given what you’ve learned about seasonality in the general contracting business, you should work with your board members to seek out potential candidates for general contractors in your area. Look at the reviews and testimonials of each one and look at their websites carefully.

Are these companies offering any discounts on specific raw materials or do they have a close relationship with well-known manufacturers? Having such a list will also give you the best resources so when a resident of your community wants remodeling done for their place, you’ll be prepared to help them better. All of what we’ve discussed also applies to residential remodeling projects, but it’s also a good rule of thumb for HOA property managers to understand as well.

After you’ve compiled a list, it’s also a good idea to update your website and send out letters to your residents informing them of what the remodeling procedures will be. Transparency is always vital in keeping your residents happy and satisfied. Otherwise, there will be much confusion and exhaustion for everyone involved. There should be no vague areas of contention when you create these procedures. Be open to answering questions and concerns from your residents and reassure them you’re getting in touch with experienced general contracting experts who know what they’re doing.

Who Is an Experienced HOA General Contractor You Can Trust?

P3 is a general contractor in the Atlanta area you can turn to whenever you have any questions about the cost of a potential project for an HOA property. We have a top-notch team of project managers and contractors who have completed countless projects for HOA clients past and present. You will always receive timely updates on the progress of your projects too, so there’s no question whether something was completed or not.

With the advantage of a larger general contracting company like us, you’ll always get better discounts on all the products and materials we use to bring your ideas to life. Why not give us a call at 770-271-6868? One of our representatives will reach back out to you shortly. We also hope you have found the information in this article useful, and leave a comment or two with your thoughts!