Amenity renovations

For multi-family, commercial, and HOA properties, we have cost-effective clubhouse & amenities remodeling and renovation services. Our general contractors have many years of experience guiding projects from the planning to construction phases.

Atlanta Multi-Family Remodeling and Renovation Solutions

Quality remodeling and renovations for multi-family properties, HOAs, and clubhouses matter, and finding a qualified general contractor with years of experience and skills to construct, build, and install appealing projects can be a challenge. At P3, our team of general contracting professionals add more value to improvements to multi-family property amenities. They know how to consistently keep the projects on time and budget and regularly notify clients on progress updates.

You can depend on our team to upgrade multi-family properties for owners and managers. When you need a new pool or a tennis pavilion, we’re a productive powerhouse that can meet your specifications. With our experience and unrivaled relationships to the best crews in the business, you can depend on us for all your remodeling and renovations.

When Is It Time for a P3 Makeover?

You should consider calling us for upgrades and remodeling when you see the damage to your clubhouse and amenities. Look out for any mold, rot, or deterioration which could lessen the curb appeal. Our remodeling and renovation projects include interior and exterior services. Our exterior remodeling and renovation services include:


Pressure Washing







Interior remodeling and renovation services from P3 include:













Why P3?

P3 Painting & Renovations delivers an experience you won’t often get with other general contractors. Our philosophy is centered around hiring the best people in the industry, focusing on the people we work for, and delivering services to their satisfaction.  We keep all our clients updated on the progress of our general contracting work. We have:


Dedicated project managers

Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, our project managers will update you twice a week on the progress of the project and maintain full communication with stakeholders.


Extensive experience

With over 200 years of combined general contracting experience, our team at P3 is prepared to bring your ideas to life. They will work quickly to complete each project on time.


Discount rates

As a larger company that specializes in larger projects, we are able to get reduced pricing on materials, and we pass the savings on to our clients.


Customer service

Relationships are integral to our ability to provide professional, outstanding customer service. When you choose P3 for your project, you’ll receive unrivaled care and attention, and we’ll listen to all your general contracting needs.

clubhouse & AMENITY renovation Project Benefits

There are several reasons to have our professional general contractors provide the resources and tools to bring out the best out of your clubhouse. We outline some of the most compelling factors to have us undertake remodeling projects for multi-family and HOA communities below.


Improve Property Curb Appeal

You can persuade a tenant to move in much easier when the multi-family property is attractive with the aid of our renovations. There’s nothing like a memorable first impression when they see well-maintained landscapes, clean amenities, and plenty of outdoor space for kids and pets.

Updated Interiors and Fixtures

The interior of any multi-family property should also be well-maintained before showing an interested tenant around. Broken or worn appliances should be replaced. Brand new appliances, fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint are some of how we turn buildings into some of the most attractive places for people to live.

Boost ROI & Reputation

Well-maintained multi-family properties also help reduce costs for property managers. By attracting more interested and enthusiastic tenants, it won’t be long until they recoup the costs from the projects. More satisfied tenants will stay longer and be more likely to recommend your property to their friends, family, and so on.

More Comfortable Living Spaces

A tenant’s living experience at your property should be as livable as possible. They should have the best experience possible as they’re transitioning and getting accustomed to making themselves at home. Meeting the needs of tenants with updated amenities and proper interior and exterior maintenance will increase the overall happiness of the community.

Community Customer Reviews

Need more reasons to choose P3? We’ve become a favorite contractor for many communities, and soon, we’ll be yours too!

  • "I have done a couple of projects with them so far and they have spot on with their customer service!! They also did a great job and completed the projects on time!!"

    C. Elllerbee

  • "Worked with them on a large scale painting project in Smyrna, GA...very professional from start to finish! Looking forward to working with them in the future!"

    C. Edwards

  • "I am a huge fan of P3 Painting ,and the quality of work that they provide. The crews are always dressed professionally when they are on a job, and if a problem arises they handle it on the spot . This type of service goes a long way with my communities."

    K. Wright

  • "I want to commend the gentlemen working on the above project. I can not speak on whole project, but in my building, I have had some dealing with Joe, and he and others have done an outstanding job, and the painting looks really nice. They have been very considerate of the residences as they are doing their job. Hats off to them!"

    K. Vickery

  • "P3 has completed several projects for a handful of my communities this year. They did a fantastic job all around."

    J. Tierney

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