Atlanta Window & Door Installation

P3 Painting & Renovations offers professional window & door installation for the Metro Atlanta area for multi-family, HOA, and commercial properties. We repair any kind of door or window including wood, vinyl, PVC, fiberglass, and much more.

Window & Door Installation in Atlanta with High Standards

Windows and doors are essential parts of any residential or commercial property. A proper window and door installation will save time and money on the part of the property manager. For large multi-family, commercial, and HOA properties, P3 Painting & Renovation’s crew of window and door installation professionals have the experience necessary to meet all your contracting needs.

We’ve worked with hundreds of commercial and multi-family property managers, providing superior customer service, workmanship, and unbeatable quality. We focus our efforts exclusively on large community-wide projects for homeowner, townhome, and condo associations. Let us help you with your window and door projects today!

Window & Door Installation Solutions

Our team at P3 Renovation & Painting is adaptable and flexible and has industry experience installing doors and windows for a wide range of properties including:


We complete window and door projects for townhomes on time, while offering strong protection against wind and debris.


Condo associations will benefit from the performance our window and door installations offer, reducing energy consumption costs.

Planned communities

Some of our largest window and door installation projects have been for planned communities. We work with city and town officials and provide scalable solutions.

Multi-family communities

We’re a leader in multi-family community door and window installation projects. We do our due diligence to find the best materials to use while meeting stringent standards and multi-family unit code compliance laws.


New windows and doors for offices maximize office space and keep your office building protected. We reduce costs for business owners by optimizing the quality of our installations.

Community centers

We focus on eliminating problems for owners of these properties with projects. Windows and doors are among some of the most important general contracting projects with precision and accuracy essential for preventing performance problems.

Interested in having our team help you with your new window and door installation? Call us at (770) 271-6868, and we’ll help you get the best discount rates on window and door installation materials.

Why P3?

P3 Painting & Renovations delivers an experience you won’t often get with other general contractors. Our philosophy is centered around hiring the best people in the industry, focusing on the people we work for, and delivering services to their satisfaction. We keep all our clients updated on the progress of our general contracting work. We keep all our clients updated on the progress of our general contracting work. We have:


Dedicated project managers

Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, our project managers will update you twice a week on the progress of the project and maintain full communication with stakeholders.

Extensive experience

With over 200 years of combined general contracting experience, our team at P3 is prepared to bring your ideas to life. They will work quickly to complete each project on time.

Discount rates

As a larger company that specializes in larger projects, we are able to get reduced pricing on materials, and we pass the savings on to our clients.


Customer service

Relationships are integral to our ability to provide professional, outstanding customer service. When you choose P3 for your project, you’ll receive unrivaled care and attention, and we’ll listen to all your general contracting needs.

Quality Window & Door Installation is Essential

We cannot stress enough the importance of having an excellent window and door installation. Our experience managing large-scale window and door installation projects has produced many benefits for property managers of HOAs including:


Curb Appeal

New tenants are attracted to properties with curb appeal. Well-constructed windows and doors made with superior materials will be one of the most impressive features they will notice.

Long Lasting

To save on future costs of repair, we can install a new window or door made from some of the toughest materials, including wood, vinyl, PVC, and fiberglass.

More Safety

Faulty doors and windows need replacement immediately. During an emergency, occupants will have a harder time escaping. Our windows and doors are designed to be opened easily.

Reduced Energy Costs

Windows and doors lower the energy costs for your property. You can take advantage of some of the tax credits and incentives available, further lowering the costs you pay.

Community Customer Reviews

Need more reasons to choose P3? We’ve become a favorite contractor for many communities, and soon, we’ll be yours too!

  • "I have done a couple of projects with them so far and they have spot on with their customer service!! They also did a great job and completed the projects on time!!"

    C. Elllerbee

  • "Worked with them on a large scale painting project in Smyrna, GA...very professional from start to finish! Looking forward to working with them in the future!"

    C. Edwards

  • "I am a huge fan of P3 Painting ,and the quality of work that they provide. The crews are always dressed professionally when they are on a job, and if a problem arises they handle it on the spot . This type of service goes a long way with my communities."

    K. Wright

  • "I want to commend the gentlemen working on the above project. I can not speak on whole project, but in my building, I have had some dealing with Joe, and he and others have done an outstanding job, and the painting looks really nice. They have been very considerate of the residences as they are doing their job. Hats off to them!"

    K. Vickery

  • "P3 has completed several projects for a handful of my communities this year. They did a fantastic job all around."

    J. Tierney

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