Siding Installation in Atlanta

Want to increase the curb appeal of your property fast? New siding installations from P3 are the perfect way to quickly take your property’s curb appeal to another level. Our siding installations come with a 2-5 year warranty, with manufacturer warranties extending to up to 30 years!

New Siding Installation for Atlanta Multifamily and Commercial Properties

Replacing or repairing the siding of your multifamily, commercial, or HOA property is a decision which will greatly benefit you and the community. With all the many options available for siding in the Metro Atlanta area, you can add a whole fresh new look, helping you attract more prospective tenants and homebuyers. Our team at P3 Painting & Renovations has dozens of years of experience with all types of siding projects for HOAs. 

Our customers have been taken away by our professionalism and swift determination to complete projects on time and on budget. We also have expertise installing every kind of siding popular in the industry, including Hardie, vinyl, synthetic, and many more. Discover the best siding solutions for your property at P3 and get the lowest rates you can’t find with our competitors.

Many Siding Options to Choose From P3

At P3, our team doesn’t back down from a challenge. They’ve installed virtually every type of siding for commercial, multi-family, and HOA property managers and owners. Some of these siding types include:


Hardie Board Siding, or cement board siding, has a solid reputation of lasting for a very long time, backed by a 50-year manufacturer warranty. This type of siding is also resistant to insects and rot. Made from sand and cement, Hardie Board Siding is also fire and storm resistant.


Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride, lasting up to 60 years with little effort needed for maintenance. Its low cost and durability make the material a great selection for your community.

These are just some of the siding types we know how to install for your community. Our expertise allows us to serve you and your community. Call us at (770) 271-6868, and we’ll help you get the best discount rates on siding manufacturing materials.

Why P3?

P3 Painting & Renovations delivers an experience you won’t often get with other general contractors. Our philosophy is centered around hiring the best people in the industry, focusing on the people we work for, and delivering services to their satisfaction. We have:


Dedicated project managers

Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, our project managers will update you twice a week on the progress of the project and maintain full communication with stakeholders.

Extensive experience

With over 200 years of combined general contracting experience, our team at P3 is prepared to bring your ideas to life. They will work quickly to complete each project on time.

Discount rates

As a larger company that specializes in larger projects, we are able to get reduced pricing on materials, and we pass the savings on to our clients.

Customer service

Relationships are integral to our ability to provide professional, outstanding customer service. When you choose P3 for your project, you’ll receive unrivaled care and attention, and we’ll listen to all your general contracting needs.

Advantages and Benefits of Siding for Your Multi-family Property

Replacing the siding of your multi-family property is a great decision for several reasons. When you have professional general contractors at P3 transform the exterior of your property with beautiful siding, you benefit from the following:


Low Maintenance

Siding made from vinyl and synthetic materials eliminates the need to have to add a new coat of paint regularly. You save more on maintenance costs with our siding.

Energy Efficient

When the weather changes, your property is protected against hot and cold temperatures, so everyone can stay comfortable year-round and have less energy bills to pay and a much happier community.

Improved Curb Appeal

Adding new siding to your property is one of the best ways to immediately improve its curb appeal, which is important for persuading buyers and tenants to move in. Buyers prefer properties which look great and feel new, which siding provides.

Complete Versatility

Siding comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes to accommodate any style. We’ll help you find the right replacement siding which will look beautiful and authentic, matching the profile of your property.

Community Customer Reviews

Need more reasons to choose P3? We’ve become a favorite contractor for many communities, and soon, we’ll be yours too!

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