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P3 custom builds fences for property managed communities, commercial properties, and HOAs. We have experience installing any type of fence imaginable and have extensive experience with dumpster enclosures and privacy fences.

Highest Quality Fence Contractors in Metro Atlanta

Properties and communities are better protected with fences. Well-built fences add curb appeal and keep your properties secure and safe. For the best fence performance, consider hiring P3 Painting & Renovations for your next project. We have decades of experience installing fences for commercial, multi-family, and HOA properties in Atlanta.

We set ourselves apart from the competition with our dedication to providing superior customer service, workmanship, and unbeatable quality with our work. We’re the leading source of multi-family community fences in the Greater Atlanta area, and exceeding your expectations is important to us. Hundreds of customers have turned to us first for multi-family fencing because of our lower costs and attention to detail. See how we can help you with fencing projects for your community.

We Can Build Any Custom Fence

With P3, the possibilities for fencing are endless. Our team has experience installing and building fences from any material. Some of the most widely requested fences are:


Wood fencing is a sensible fencing option for multi-family communities. Wood can be cut into any height, and there are lots of color selections available. You can also increase the curb appeal and property value of the buildings in your community.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron fences are built to last for years and are a great option for maximizing security for your community. Maintenance for wrought iron fences is easy as long as they are painted.


Vinyl fencing is both durable, flexible, and resistant to blistering, cracking, and peeling. Made from synthetic materials, vinyl fencing is also resistant to mold and mildew and won’t attract pests.


Fences made with aluminum are versatile, and we can custom build them on site for different heights. Maintenance with aluminum fencing is minimal, and you can benefit from the long-lasting durability for decades.


Keep out trespassers and intruders with steel fences, which are covered with a layer of galvanized zinc. You’ll have control over who can enter the property, keeping tenants living in your communities much safer.

Why P3?

P3 Painting & Renovations delivers an experience you won’t often get with other general contractors. Our philosophy is centered around hiring the best people in the industry, focusing on the people we work for, and delivering services to their satisfaction. We keep all our clients updated on the progress of our general contracting work. We have:


Dedicated project managers

Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, our project managers will update you twice a week on the progress of the project and maintain full communication with stakeholders.

Extensive experience

With over 200 years of combined general contracting experience, our team at P3 is prepared to bring your ideas to life. They will work quickly to complete each project on time.

Discount rates

As a larger company that specializes in larger projects, we are able to get reduced pricing on materials, and we pass the savings on to our clients.


Customer service

Relationships are integral to our ability to provide professional, outstanding customer service. When you choose P3 for your project, you’ll receive unrivaled care and attention, and we’ll listen to all your general contracting needs.

Other Benefits of Community Fencing

When we install new fencing for your community, everyone also benefits. Fences for multi-family communities help to:


Reduce Noise

Residents and tenants will enjoy a quieter atmosphere thanks to the noise reduction of fences. Fences are especially great for communities close to busy highways and streets and lower noise by as much as 10 decibels!

Attract More Tenants

By giving your community defined boundaries through fencing, new tenants will have a more favorable impression of the value of your property. This also goes for prospective home buyers.

Add Boundaries

There will be no confusion as to where your property lines lie when you have us install your new fences. Members of your community will know where their boundaries start and end.

Improve Community Aesthetics

Dumpsters are never the most glamorous or most appealing parts of your community. With dumpster enclosures and fences, you can now hide the dumpster away from plain sight, while protecting the dumpster safe from unwelcome animals and pests.

Community Customer Reviews

Need more reasons to choose P3? We’ve become a favorite contractor for many communities, and soon, we’ll be yours too!

  • "I have done a couple of projects with them so far and they have spot on with their customer service!! They also did a great job and completed the projects on time!!"

    C. Elllerbee

  • "Worked with them on a large scale painting project in Smyrna, GA...very professional from start to finish! Looking forward to working with them in the future!"

    C. Edwards

  • "I am a huge fan of P3 Painting ,and the quality of work that they provide. The crews are always dressed professionally when they are on a job, and if a problem arises they handle it on the spot . This type of service goes a long way with my communities."

    K. Wright

  • "I want to commend the gentlemen working on the above project. I can not speak on whole project, but in my building, I have had some dealing with Joe, and he and others have done an outstanding job, and the painting looks really nice. They have been very considerate of the residences as they are doing their job. Hats off to them!"

    K. Vickery

  • "P3 has completed several projects for a handful of my communities this year. They did a fantastic job all around."

    J. Tierney

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